Patient Education

We at P.E.A.S.TM always work towards providing world class healthcare information to the people and empower doctors’ practice. We are committed towards fostering health awareness amongst the masses spread across the globe.

What is Patient Education?

Patient education is a tool which encourages patients to learn all they can about their disease, to become informed, and take a positive approach to managing their condition.

Why is Patient Education necessary?

  • Develops positive approach towards his/her health related problems;
  • Informs the patient about his current health status, need for a particular treatment and available alternative;
  • Helps patients to take timely decision;
  • Facilitate easy understanding of health care plan;
  • Increases patient confidence fostering fast recovery;
  • Decrease treatment complications;
  • Better informed patients, thus lessening the chance of malpractice claims
  • Promotes healthy livingIncreases adherence to treatment.

Patient Education: Proactive or Reactive?

Patient education is a proactive way to control a disease before it gets out of hand. For example, by educating a family about how to live healthy and avoid fast foods while exercising you may be able to prevent obesity. Once obesity occurs there are a host of other medical issues that can go along with it. There are even many surgical procedures that offer to help reduce the weight of the obese patient. However, simply offering patient education to the patient could have prevented this.

A patient should keep in mind that knowledge is power, thus education is powerful for the patient. It ultimately enables them to take control of their lives and live healthy.

How can one get information about Patient Education?

Pamphlets, leaflets
Flip charts
Teaching boards
Social discussion
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