PEAS launches Ladies First

Patient Education and Awareness Series, Mumbai launches “Ladies First” a complete set for Obstetrics and Gynaecology speciality.

The “Ladies First” set consist of 24 DVD’s divided into two Volume one for Obstetrics and the other for Gynaecology. It helps the doctor explain the various complications that occurs during the pregnancy, in a simplified way.

The multimedia presentation showcases the entire journey of pregancy and heath related issues during pregnancy.

Each multimedia presentation is designed, keeping in mind the patients and is available in 8 regional lanugages (Hindi, Marathi, Gujarthi, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Telgu, English)

Ladies First” Set consist of following tites

Volume One

  1. Breast Health
  2. Diabetes in Pregnancy
  3. Ectopic Pregnancy
  4. Endometriosis
  5. Family Planning
  6. Infertility
  7. IVF
  8. Laproscopy
  9. Menopause
  10. Miscarriage
  11. Ovarian Cancer
  12. PMS

Volume Two

  1. 1st Trimester
  2. 2nd Trimester
  3. 3rd Trimester
  4. Anaemia in Pregnancy
  5. Baby’s First month
  6. Back Pain and Pregnancy
  7. Birth book
  8. Excercise and Pregnancy
  9. Good nutrition and Pregnancy
  10. Having a Baby
  11. Indication of C- Section
  12. Labour Management

For more details do call us at 022 – 42 155 111 / 12

You can mail us your queries at

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About PEAS Healthcare

Patient Education and Awareness Series (P.E.A.S™) came into being as India’s first patient education library with its own exhaustive and consistently growing list of medical titles, covering a broad spectrum of health conditions. We created P.E.A.S™ to help patient take informed decision about his/her health condition and at the same time help doctor improve quality of care and enhance treatment compliance. Over the years, we have steadily evolved the quality of content, the range of delivery platforms as well as the canvas of services while serving the medical fraternity in India and other parts of the world. More than 18000 doctors in India use our products and more than 5 million patients view our programs annually. We base our strength on our expert understanding of medical practices, scrutinized and approved by some of the eminent doctors in the country.

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